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Free The Seed
Plastic packaging made from agro-waste

DB Packaging is the Distributor for Australia & NZ for Free the Seed a Malaysian based Biodegradable Company. After seeing Paddy farmers in his own country still open-burning rice fields during the post-harvest seasons, Ramaness Parasuraman, CEO of Free The Seed Sdn Bhd wanted to find and create a sustainable yet economically viable solution for win-win situations to all stakeholders. This was where the idea to convert agro-waste materials through the extraction of cellulose fibers for the production of biodegradable packaging products came-in.

Free the Seed biodegradable packaging product that uses a method of delignification of the biomass cellulose fibers, and gratifying the fibers by impregnating with papain protease serene. This is to ensure that our biodegradable packaging products will compost naturally within six months from the time of disposal, in any soil and conditions. The strength of the idea is the core biotechnology for Just Green to be invented and patented. 100% organic materials are being used to convert the waste biomass materials into high value-added product. It is green-clean-cost saving!


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