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Water Soluble Plastic Packaging

DB Packaging is the Eastern Australia & NZ Distributor of Aquapak Polymers flexible plastic that combines the functional capabilities of conventional polymers, has a unique property of being both an oil and oxygen barrier, and offers a choice of options for processing at the end of life.

Aquapak Polymers Ltd through DB Packaging is bringing to market a library of HydroPol products - dissolvable, recyclable and biodegradable flexible plastics. The polymer (polyvinyl alcohol, PVOH) is not new, being used in surgical stitches and laundry liquid pouches. Aquapak’s innovations, however, have enabled the commercial production of multifunctional PVOH monolayers that can replace multilayer packaging in certain applications, and can be manufactured at 6 μm to 200 μm in a single layer.

Aquapak’s HydroPol material is unique in that it provides high performance barrier (O2, solvent, oil) and high mechanical strength (drop tests, puncture resistant), along with high clarity and colour options for point of sale benefits. It provides a positive story for brand owners, manufacturers and retailers, while increasing recycling performance at end-of-life.

Its solubility makes HydroPol of particular interest to the food waste collection and anaerobic digestion markets, bypassing the need for expensive depackaging equipment and improving the overall quality of digestate.



Cytotoxic Laundry Bag

The Cytotoxic Laundry Bag has been created in partnership with NSW Healthshare Linen Services and DB Packaging.


Previous to the Cytotoxic Laundry Bag, nurses in the Oncology ward would manage Cytotoxic Linen* in the same manner as linen used throughout the hospital or the linen would be incinerated. Nurses and laundry team were exposed to the Cytotoxic residue that was left on the linen. This caused an OHS Risk.


Benefits of the Water Soluble Cytotoxic Laundry Bag:


How to use Water Soluble Cytotoxic Laundry Bag:


*Cytotoxic Linen – Cytotoxic Linen is linen that has been indirectly contaminated by the bodily fluids of a patient who has received Cytotoxic Drugs. That includes urine feces, perspiration and blood from a patient who has received the drug in the last 7 days.


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